Living a Life of
Inner Peace

I’m learning to live a life of inner peace.

Before Remen Q̅ I never thought about living a life of inner peace.  Doing the things that bring me closer to mastery of self creates a consistent alignment to heart.  Using the tools I have learned over the years, such as meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, journaling, perceptive awareness, and connecting to the Akasha and Remen Q̅, I am consistently staying in a state of inner peace. When I stay aligned with my heart, I am living a life of inner peace.

I study ancient wisdom, work with the Akasha, synthesize my understanding, and apply that understanding to my writing and consciousness work.  In my work with the Akasha, I access information about diseases and their emotional states, created patterns and fears associated with them. That information started as Healer Wisdom and that became Emotional Patterns.  The Emotional Patterns body of wisdom is dynamic and continues to grow.  The Emotional Patterns process is becoming integral to the ‘Remen Q̅ Way’.

Seeing the world with the purity of a child equals peace


I love exploring and learning.

Being with my grandchildren brings joy, love and boundless creativity to my life.  Seeing the world through their eyes, the eyes of a child, allows me to connect with that long-forgotten part of me.  I see the wonder of the world when I see it with the eyes of a child.  I am an avid reader, lover of crystals, hiker, kayaker, gardener, sewist and dabble at being an artist. But, most of all, I love to write.

When writing, I enter an altered state of consciousness. I could describe it as bliss. My writing explores the foundations of emotional states that have become blocks to inner peace. I have written several articles that introduce upcoming workbooks for example Burnout and The Wound of Forced Forgiveness and Apology.

My journal writing is a focus point for my practicing Remen Q̅ as a ‘way.’  Using my heart-soul wisdom in a meditative state, I look at the information that arises and, if need be, use Remen Q̅ to reach a state of peace.   Often what arises becomes part of the information I share with my readers.  This process has resulted in living a life of inner peace.

Empower Yourself with Remen


Empowerment is connectedness


Empowerment is knowing, confidence and peace


Empowerment allows for possibilities


Empowerment is mirrored in your relationships


Empowerment is reclaiming your peace


Empowerment opens your awareness to understanding


Below is the introduction talk on Remen Q̅.  I will cover a wide range of topics that influence our peace.  Some of these topics will be about physical maladies as well as emotional ones.

Val Moore with microphone


#take back your peace

woman with hands in heart shape


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