Events & Workshops

I am no longer scheduling classes.  I have decided to focus on self care and writing.  I have a large number of projects in the pipeline and as they are complete I will make a post on the website, Facebook and to the email list.  The workbooks will be available at bookstores and Amazon.  They will not be digital.

If you would like an introduction workshop then use the information below to schedule one.  That’s right I am making you responsible for scheduling the class.  There are some requirements.  I will be charging $500 for the introduction class payable at the time of scheduling.  That’s a flat fee.   You can split that fee with 24 other people.  But, you are responsible for gathering the 24 people.

This class is virtual and everyone attending must have a camera.   Everyone must have purchased the book.

Also, my life has a certain amount of variability and I cannot promise the workshop won’t need to be rescheduled.   You can choose to receive a refund or reschedule if I should need to cancel the class.

In Person Appearances

None are planned at this time.

Schedule Your Introduction Workshops

The booking module is still being developed.  If your need is urgent you can send me an email.