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Your journey to inner peace is important.  A person’s journey to peace affects everyone; we are all connected.   While the wisdom of Remen Q̅ is ancient, your journey with Remen Q̅ is new.  You may have discovered an aspect of Remen Q̅ that you want to share.  After reading the Remen Q̅ book and the blog articles, you may have a question about Remen Q̅; please send me your question using the contact form below.   If your question pertains to a broad audience, I will hide your name and anything else identifying and put it in the blog with an answer.   If that is not possible, I will send a response directly to you.  Either way, I will discuss this in an email response with you.  If you have a kind thing to say, I would love to repeat it on the website for others.

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You can purchase The Remen Q̅ Method: An Easy Do-It-Yourself Process to Create Inner Peace and Change Your Reality by using the button below or using this link to order from Amazon or contact your local bookstore.  If your bookstore needs to order from IngramSpark, the ISBN is 978-1-7371275-0-5.


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