Does Remen Q̅ Create a Bypass?

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Does Remen Q̅ create a bypass?

Remen Q̅ works in the moment and if you choose provides a long term approach to working through the emotional wounding that causes our hearts to contract and our bodies to hurt. You are not abrogating responsibility to someone else. You are responsible for your peace or non-peace in Remen Q̅.   For Remen Q̅ to work you must own the non-peace.  If you want lasting inner peace then you must put in the work with honesty and diligence.

When a state of non-peace gets triggered and a person experiences what they thought had healed, they may experience disappointment, depression,  profound grief, let down, betrayal, a loss of trust and self-blaming.   I experienced this myself when a created pattern I thought was healed, with the use of an emotional release technique, was triggered five years after it had been ‘healed”.  I was devastated and furious; I felt like I had a massive hole in my chest.  This experience was a Bypass Effect.

Emotional Release Therapies

Emotional Release Therapies may be pretty effective in providing relief from the effects of limiting created patterns.  But the benefits from these therapies seen in a session may be temporary.   The change may last twenty minutes, or it may last five years.  This temporary change and subsequent regression is called The Bypass Effect.  A healer/therapist may explain away the degradation of the benefit.   For example, you must be resisting, you have a secondary gain for not allowing the change, you must have a soul contract,  you must not want to heal, you must have a karmic reason for hanging onto this issue, you aren’t getting to the root cause (this is partially true),  you must not believe in god, etc.

What is a Bypass?

A bypass is a temporary change in either a physical or emotional state of non-peace.  You believe you have healed your issue, and you do not continue a course of deeper healing work.

For example, I go to a healer because I have a knee that is in severe pain.  The healer works on my knee, and the pain decrease is significant.  However, the next day the pain is back at the same level.  Another example:  I go to an intuitive counselor, and we work on the “I’m not good enough” pattern.  Five years later, I have an event happen that triggers the created pattern of “I’m not good enough.”  I have not done the deeper emotional release work in those five years that neutralizes the variants of “I’m not good enough.”

A trigger is a connection or link to wounding from your current life or ancestry that provokes an emotional response.  A trigger can be a physical item, a sound, a smell, an image, a color,  a person’s voice, a relationship.  For example, you are standing in line at a store, and the woman in front of you is wearing a perfume that reminds you of an aunt you love.  That aunt has passed away and you are overcome by waves of grief.  The smell of the perfume was a trigger for your unresolved grief.

Why does a Bypass Happen?

The problem is that the emotional release technique attempts to transform a specific triggered created pattern in a specific moment focused on a created pattern formed at a specific moment in historical time in a particular environment.   This created pattern has a unique vibration.   And therein lies the issue.  There is an assumption being made that the created pattern is one created pattern with one origin when it may actually be many different created patterns with the same label and each having a unique vibration.  Whenever I experienced ‘not being good enough,’ a new pattern was created with its own unique vibration pattern.   If there is an emotional intensity (energetic) to the experience and that happens again, then a new origin point may have been created.

What do We Need to Know about The Bypass Effect?

  • Creates or reinforces trust issues – trust of self, trust of others, trust of inner knowing
  • It creates a sense of hopelessness – I can’t be helped. My problems are so big no one can help.
  • Reinforces a Victim Identity
  • Fosters a feeling of failure
  • Creates new patterns that may be limiting
  • There can be a whiplash effect to the physical and emotional pain that makes them more intense.
  • A person may stop essential medical care or not seek it in the first place
  • Wants others to make their decisions

How Does Remen Q̅ avoid creating a bypass?

The Remen Q̅ process does not allow for a bypass.  The intention of Remen Q̅ is a state of peace.  Remen Q̅ resolves the heart contraction to neutral with a feeling of calm.

The state of peace that you achieve with Remen Q̅ is for the experience in the now.  That moment, the trigger and the created pattern hold a unique vibration pattern in your experience of non-peace.  Remen Q̅ does not clear a specifically created pattern to replace it with another specifically created pattern.  For example, I would go from feeling not good enough to feeling good enough.  Remen Q̅ does not do that.  That may be the side effect, but the intention of Remen Q̅ is peace.

An Example

For example, you experience not feeling good enough.  Your heart contracts and you are in a state of non-peace.   In that state of non-peace, you may experience shame, humiliation and wanting to hide.   With Remen Q̅ you set the intention for peace and after doing the Remen Q̅ process, maybe multiple times, you feel calm and neutral.  The feeling of not being good enough, shame, humiliation or wanting to hide has transmuted to the most probable possibility at that moment for peace.

Imagine you feel constantly criticized by your mother.  Her criticisms trigger a feeling of not being good enough.  You may have created a coping mechanism of shutting down to deal with this life-long abuse.  Then one day, after visiting your mother, you leave feeling distressed at the continual barrage of criticism, and you decide you want to reclaim your peace.  By acknowledging that you own the feelings of not being good enough, shame, humiliation and wanting to hide you reclaim your peace.  You do Remen Q̅ and reclaim your peace.  When you visit your mother again, you feel calm and relaxed.  This is an example of the possible outcome.  There is a multitude of different possibilities for the transmuted relationship with your mother.

Will You Have Peace?

Will Remen Q̅ in one session bring peace to all the issues you may have with your mother…probably not, but it is a tool for moving yourself from a place of non-peace to one of peace if you make it a “Way” of being.   You can do the Remen Q̅ at the moment of the experience…you don’t have to wait…if you need to be alone…go to the bathroom or step into another room.  I would sometimes go out to the car to get something…peace.

John Welwood, Ph.D. said “Spiritual bypassing is a term I coined to describe a process I saw happening in the Buddhist community I was in, and also in myself. Although most of us were sincerely trying to work on ourselves, I noticed a widespread tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks.”1

  1. Spiritual Bypass. Wikipedia. Retrieved 14 April 2021

Another interesting read on bypasses is Spiritual Bypassing by Aletheia Luna.

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