PreWork – The Blocks to Inner Peace Workshop Apr. 23-24,2022

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April 23, 2022

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9:00 am

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What stops us from inner peace?

Even before we get to the place where we are transmuting our non-peace to peace there are blocks to moving on our intention for peace.  Do you deserve peace?  Do you know how to have peace?  Imagine you are looking out a window and the window is very dirty. You can’t see a whole lot. The window is an analogy to explain the filter through which we see our blocks to inner peace.  In this class we will start cleaning the window and so much more.  We will spend two days exploring and transmuting those blocks that stop you from doing the other work.  A PDF workbook will be provided at no additional cost.* You may need more than two days to clean your “windows”. Your goal by the end of the class is to have the tools to continue your own work.

This first class is being discounted to $100. The regular price for upcoming weekend classes will be $250.00. What’s the catch? I will need the participants to follow-up with me one-on-one to see how they feel about the material that was covered. Are you seeing changes? Are you following through on your inner work? What other support can I provide? The follow-up will be 30 days after the class. I will need the participants to set an appointment with me prior to the class.

1. You must attend at least one of the Introduction workshops.
2. For this workshop I require that you join with audio and camera activated. I will ask that you not turn off your camera during the workshop.

Workshop Refunds:

If you have a really good excuse and need to cancel your attendance BEFORE the workshop begins I will refund your money.  If you don’t show up on the second day there will not be a refund.

If you don’t show up and you have not contacted me ahead of time I will not refund your course fees.  Good excuses are death of yourself or a loved one (cat, bird or dog counts), illness, no babysitter, climate catastrophe, or political upheaval (riots).   Forgetting is not an accepted excuse

Workshop Terms & Conditions:

1. You are expected to practice discretion and respect the privacy of all participants.
2. No one will be admitted unless they have signed up ahead of time.
3. Workshops may unexpectedly be cancelled or postponed.  Life can have unexpected hiccups.  I will either refund your money or apply it to another workshop, your choice.
4. Please respect all participants.
5. You are expected to have read at least chapter one of the Remen Q book and be familiar with the process.

*The workbook will be available in paperback form from Amazon at a discount for the people in this class. The date is TBD.

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  • April 23, 2022 9:00 am   -   April 24, 2022 5:00 pm
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