Remen Q̅ Introduction Workshop Feb 26 2022



In this introductory workshop I will cover the basic concepts of Remen Q̅. I will lead everyone through several practice Remen Q̅ exercises. The workshop is free but you are required to have purchased The Remen Q̅ Method book.  This workshop will be video only (no call ins). I may record the workshop for teaching and training purposes. I will cover the following:

  • Opening Golden River of Light Meditation
  • What is Remen Q̅?

Remen Q̅ is a simple process for achieving inner peace by using the heart as your guide.  This process uses intention, visualization, neutralization and witnessing presence.

  • What was the catalyst for the development of Remen Q̅? 

The process sat dormant in my journal for four years, and then I had an event happen in my life that created a serious health problem.  I remembered Remen Q̅, transmuted my health issue, and that started a four-year journey to understanding the simplicity and the effect of Remen Q̅.

  • How does it work?

The explanation in the Remen Q̅ book uses the analogy of a flowing creek disrupted by a person stepping into the creek.  The creek is forever changed.  It may look the same but it is different.  The same is true of the non-peace addressed with Remen Q̅.

  • Source of the name

The source of the name is the first question people ask me.  I am still discovering the meaning and complexity of this name.

  • Remen Q̅ exercises

I will start by walking everyone through the breathing exercises. Then, I will ask the participants to remember an event that causes their hearts to constrict. We will then do the ‘breath into presence’ exercise, and then I will walk everyone through a Remen Q̅ exercise.  When it is complete, we will check back with our hearts, and if necessary, we will do another Remen Q̅ process.

  • Remen Q̅ as a “way.”

Remen Q̅ not only works in the moment but, when integrated into a daily practice, yields a lasting inner peace.

  • Open up the workshop for questions
  • “Imagining Peace” Wall


  • Remen Q̅ is a do-it-yourself process to achieve inner peace.
  • You must own your non-peace relationship for this to work. (I will explain that in the workshop)
  • While we are doing the breathing and Remen Q̅ process, the space should be quiet, free of interruptions and outside noise as much as possible. After you have learned the process you can do this is busy noisy environments.


  1. For this workshop I require that you join with audio and camera activated. I will ask that you not turn off your camera during the workshop.
  2.  You must purchase a copy of the Remen Q book.
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Event Schedule Details

  • February 26, 2022 9:00 am   -   12:00 pm
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