Imagining Peace

A very dear friend owned a metaphysical shop.  My friend’s superpower was songs.  She would tell me the song she was hearing that day and it was the knowing of the day.  One of her favorite songs was John Lennon’s “Imagine”.  She had that word on the wall of her store.  I  have felt her near me as I have traveled this part of my journey.  I am imagining peace for all as I hear John Lennon singing “Imagine”.

Love our Planet

Imagining Peace Wall

What are your thoughts and dreams about peace?   Do you have a dream of what peace would look like?  What does  peace mean to you?  If you are willing to share I would like to post them on this page.  Send them to me using the contact form or my email rq at  If you would like a specific picture used send it along in your email.


Easily find inner peace.

This amazing book gives us a tool to easily find inner peace.   When we do that, we change the frequency in our space.  This heals us on so many levels and miracles often happen.  Give yourself the gift of a happier life.  ~Lori Aletha, Northwest Psychic Fairs  

Lori Aletha
Awakening Within The System Book

Great things come in small packages.

Valeria has brought us full circle with a simple, yet profound tool called Remen Q̅, that can easily be utilized by anyone to achieve deep states of inner peace. ~Nathan Z Townley, Spiritual and Wellness Coach. Author of Awakening Within the System – Evolution, Not Revolution


Remen Q̅ hit the mark.

I must say that I have been using Remen Q̅ for a few days now, and I really like the simplicity and elegance.  Simplicity however does not dismiss it being very effective.  Today I cleared about five patterns from an issue and at the end there was just a smile on my face.  I am finding it very helpful.   I have studied many so called emotional release ideas and I am to the point that simple is better when it hits the mark. ~Jim Adcock, Transformational Breathworks

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I would love to know how Remen Q̅ has affected your life.  Use the contact form to share.  If you would like to be on the Imagining Peace Wall indicate that in the email.

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