I’m here to facilitate and support your journey to inner peace.   

Occasionally, I will send out a newsletter with an essay, answer a question of interest, notify you of events or a new post in the blog section. The topics support a journey to inner peace.

In the coming weeks, I will have a PDF available for a new workbook called Toxic Responsibility. Recently I discovered I had already constructed a very detailed outline and it is ready to become a live workbook. I will send that out to everyone on my email list. In process simultaneously is a PreWork Workbook. This workbook addresses the fears, created patterns and emotional states that can stop us from our journey to inner peace. For example, “I am afraid of inner peace.”  Upon completion, I will send that PDF out on the mail list.

If you have a question or need support using Remen Q̅ let me know by using the form on the contact page.*

If you have a state of non-peace that is malady related, the Emotional Patterns website may be of assistance. The database of emotional states, fears and created patterns are available by subscription. If you have a one-off request for something already listed, I am happy to help. If the disorder is not in the database, I will do the write-up.  I have several projects and requests in a queue; therefore, you may need patience.

*I do not work with clients privately. However, I will have virtual workshop events where you can ask questions.

man walking on a journey